Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Soon.... o.o

Still no transplants yet, been busy. In the mean time, they are growing nicely--they being all of my seedlings that remain in their original containers in the windowsill. Once again I find myself dreaming of having a full size garden where I could plant all of these seedlings of mine; thankfully I have extra space to move them to in the "secret second location". Soon it will be time for me to split up my little growthlings and set them elsewhere.

In the mean time, one of my pots of Cilantro is doing quite well, and the other three are alive-ish if naught else. Yesterday I lost a tomato stalk--just one, it was brown and broken right at the base and came off in my hand when I was holding them upright to water them. Twas only one, so it seems that The Tomato Transplant was an almost perfect success. Tis unfortuante that the Cilantro had an incident and wound up in a crazy cluster that made the transplant... 'less effective.'

There may potentially be a large, multi-opening planter in my future for some of my sprouts and I find this exciting. Don't worry, no matter where or when or how I wind up doing these 'soil migrations', I will be bombarding you with pictures and updating Grow-A-Garden Chronicles accordingly. ^.^

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